About the Instructors

Shanthi Ayyadhury Mojumder, Founder/Managing Director


Shanthi Ayyadhury comes with a rich background in teaching Mathematics in Singapore and USA. She has dedicated 17 years in enriching young minds and in the training of teachers to support them in their goal of high learning and teaching standards in mathematics. She has taught middle school, high school and college mathematics since 2000.  She has a Bachelors in Electronics Engineering and a Masters in Mathematics. She has served as an educational consultant with Cambridge Education, where she was part of math and science content development and training in pedagogical methodologies with various schools in Chicago, Illinois from 2015-2017. Her efforts translated into students showing an increased state test score in both math and science in the year 2015-2016.

She has served as a cluster data analyst and math instructional coach with Harmony Science Academy where analysis was vital in increasing students math performances in state test by 25%.

Shanthi has also served as a math department chair and a professional development provider to the 7th largest district in the USA.

Shanthi was a Math Adjunct Faculty with Northcentral Technical College, Wausau, Wisconsin for 2 years

She lives with her husband and son in Wausau. She loves to take road trips with her family and enjoy gourmet coffees in one of Wausau’s cozy cafes to allow herself creative space writing creative lesson. She is avid photographer and loves to draw and cook.

Dr. Shamini Ayyadhury, PhD ,  Creative and Technology Director 

Dr. Shamini Ayyadhury is ifleed’s STEAM curriculum developer and educator. She steers the design, artwork and website development for ifleed. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Life Sciences) from the National University of Singapore and with a Master of Science (Neuroscience) from Imperial College, London. She acquired her Doctorate degree in Neuroscience from McGill University. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher, applying computational and experimental methodologies for brain cancer research. She has spent many years tutoring middle-school and high-school students in biology and chemistry in Singapore and has spent years training undergraduate and graduate students in experimental skills in research labs in Singapore and Canada.

She loves to read and is an artist. She loves baking cup cakes in her free time and loves to watch avenger movies.