Fall 2020 registration will open Aug 1, 2020!

Fall 2 2020 STEAM classes(11/2-12/18). Last day to register is 10/23/2020 so that we can mail our the kits!

Fall 2, 2020 STEAM CLASS

Description for Fall 2 STEAM classes

( 6 weeks, $120)

STEAM experiments (prek-k)

This class has been designed specifically for young children to teach science, engineering and math using art. Using art helps explain difficult topics in colorful and simplistic manner. We use hands-on activities to encourage the use of cognitive skills and work to improve pattern recognition, category formation and speed of information processing among children who are registered for this class. This is a great way to instill the creative art in all STEAM subjects.

Forensic physics for (grades 1-3)

Fundamental physics is vital in every way for this universe to function the way it does. In this class, we will combine art with physics, to instill in our young minds an appreciation of the laws of physics. Each week, children will embark on a creative project which will represent various physics concepts on light, electricity , mechanics and forces. Using art to tune into our young minds’, we will explore the grandeur of the fundamental concepts in science that will imbibe long-term appreciation towards physics.

Scratch coding (grades 1-3)

Scratch is a block-based visual programming method that has proven to be effective in introducing programming to children. Using fundamental building blocks, students will be taught to program simple instructions with a short project at the end, to create a game of their own. Students will perform all their work on the computer and will be required to download the Scratch software.

321!ifleed launches into space (grades 3-5)

Physics and space collide in this course with exciting experiments to work on and theories to learn. Once the theories of light principles and sound waves are learnt, we will launch into space through coding. 

Students will need to complete a culminating project at the end of the 6 week course.

Fall 2020 Math academy schedule ( 9/14-12/18)

Fall 2020 Math bridge camps 

Summer slides are a common worry for parents and educators every year. 3 months of no instruction is a huge gap. Though educators have rallied around shorter breaks in summer and to split it up over the course of the school year, nothing has been done to address this situation.

Over the years, the summer slide is more in one subject than the rest: Mathematics.

To address this, ifleed is offering math bridge academies that will address math gaps students will be facing in the upcoming school year. This is not a typical math class. We will use hands-on activities, scaffolding concepts and procedures and engaging students in math talk.

This class is taught by our ifleed founder who has years of experience teaching mathematics from k-college, training and coaching teachers around the country, consulting with school districts in math and science and a constant record of increasing student achievement in mathematics and science.

Our curriculum is based on Common Core math standards, California state math standards and Texas States math standards. We also use the National Council for Teachers in Mathematics (NCTM) math standards as part of our curriculum , teaching and assessment.

We are offering math bridge academies for children going into grade level 4-8 and Algebra 1.

Students will be tested biweekly and progress reports will be sent to parents. All materials will be provided.

Elementary (14 weeks, $280)

4th grade math

5th grade math  


Middle (14 weeks, $350)

6th grade math  

7th grade math  

8th grade math


Middle/High (14 weeks, $420)

Algebra 1

Algebra is the single most failed course in high school, the most failed course in community college, and, along with English language for nonnative speakers, the single biggest academic reason that community colleges have a high dropout rate. Although 60 percent of students enrolled at community colleges must take at least one course in math, about eighty percent of students never fulfill the requirement. They leave without graduating.

It is important to learn algebra well as it teaches problem-solving and critical-thinking skills which can help students succeed in their jobs and their lives even if they do not continue their education beyond high school or do not pursue a math- or science-oriented career. Algebra is important for future employment opportunities in the worlds increasingly knowledge-based economy, even in jobs considered to be “blue collar.” For example, an applicant must have passed Algebra I to enter an electrician apprenticeship program. But if students are aiming for college, algebra is essential. The techniques learned in algebra are the foundation for the higher level mathematics and science courses required for entrance to most colleges.

At ifleed, we teach Algebra1 using experiments, real data, computation, hands on activities and using calculator and non calculator skills.

Students will be tested biweekly and progress reports will be sent to parents. All materials will be provided.

Fall 2020 Test prep academy

ACT MATH PREP (14 weeks, $550)

We are offering ACT Math prep for 9th -11th grade students. The ACT Math Test usually breaks down into 6 questions types: pre-algebra, elementary algebra, and intermediate algebra questions; plane geometry and coordinate geometry questions; and some trigonometry questions. Students will be taught strategies , how to break down challenging questions into simpler problems, understanding the problem and rewriting the problem using illustrations.

Students will be tested biweekly and progress reports will be sent to parents. All materials will be provided.

SAT MATH  PREP (14 weeks, $600)

It’s entirely possible there may be questions in the SAT math sections that you have no idea how to do. Many students don’t take geometry or trigonometry until their senior year, so this is a common issue.

Ifleed is here to work with you. We will assess your abilities and work with them to help you increase their score in math. With increased emphasis on Algebra and advanced math in the new SAT Math, we will ensure to teach and assess you on a bi-weekly basis. The math section is divided into two portions: one which allows calculators and one which does not. The non-calculator portion will always be the third section of the test. The calculator portion will always be the fourth section of the test.

We teach strategies for both calculator and non calculator sections and help you hone your skills in deciphering the problems.

Students will be tested biweekly and progress reports will be sent to parents. All materials will be provided.