Due to Covid-19 , we are only offering virtual camp this summer. The camps are free. Kindly donate to our gofundme page. If you have already donated, we thank you for supporting us so that we can offer equitable STEAM education to all children. 



Welcome to ifleed summer camp 2020! 

We are only offering virtual camp this year. We offer a variety of 3-day weekly camps June 23rd – Aug 20th, 2020. Our camps are designed to enhance creativity and critical thinking skills with fun for children of ages 3.5-14.
ifleed offers hands on camps with engaging STEAM curriculum to teach difficult concepts in a fun and safe environment with their peers.
Summer is a time to relax, rejuvenate and continue the learning process with loads of fun and excitement. At ifleed, we encourage children to learn from their peers, provide an environment where its acceptable to make mistakes and learn and most importantly, learn to enjoy the process of learning.
Our camps are offered 3 days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) on the weeks stated below.
There are 2 parts to the camp.
1. Due to the camps being virtual we will meet one hour per day during the camp and teach children the basics of the camp topics and start them off with their projects.
Students will spend the other 2 hours completing their project. 

This will repeat during the 3 days of the camps.
Please look at the table below to see meeting times .

We will send you a list of items needed once you sign up for the classes. We are trying to minimize buying and encourage using items around your house.

ifleed summer camp 2020 schedule (Camps are by grade level) 

We encourage students to enroll in grade levels they will be attending in Fall 2020!!!