Professional development opportunities for math teachers (Aug 2020)

This 2 hour professional development is for educators teaching grades k-5 mathematics. Teachers will take part in hands on activities that they can use for both IN CLASS and IN VIRTUAL LEARNING. This is a ZOOM EVENT!
This is part 1 of ongoing monthly professional development series to support teachers in the following areas:
1. select an important mathematical concept – e.g., place value, linear functions, patterns, area;
2. find activities to introduce the concept in a challenging way that motivates students to explore it further;
3. collect activities that actively engage students and provide a variety of experiences to develop students' thinking about the concept;
4. use the Common core/Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)/California standards (or other state objectives) to define the required basic skills and algorithms related to the concept, and then find useful text pages or important worksheets;
5. suggest student products that address a variety of learning styles: written, verbal, kinesthetic, and visual. These products give students the opportunity to choose a product to demonstrate what they have learned about the concept in a new and personal way – giving students choices and encouraging creativity always increases motivation; and
6. to identify or design appropriate assessment materials that will provide information about student learning and thinking as well as information upon which to base instructional decisions.

Math pd for grades k-5 teachers

Math pd for grades 6-8 teachers

Math pd for Algebra 1 teachers

Math pd for Geometry teachers

Math pd for Algebra 2 teachers