Testimonial from former students, parents, community and colleagues

Dear Shanthi, This note needs to be written and sent but I worry time is flying by without my putting pen to paper, Forgive me for taking this approach to writing. I don't want more time to pass without telling you how profoundly moved I was by your new venture the Ifleed Institute. Living in Antigo has some drawbacks. I was unaware of your efforts to bring science and math to the youth in our region until after the ribbon cutting shared on your facebook. I definitely would have been there to celebrate! I say it moved me personally because when my grandchildren were small I was horrified at the lack of science in the schools. We home schooled our oldest grandson for several years and continued to work with him and our granddaughter ourselves. I tried to make inroads with the school district, offered to teach classes after school but with little success. No tutors were available. It was hard for both Don and I to fathom that our school system could have degraded so drastically. Your new venture is amazing and fills a huge need. I could not be more proud of you and your willingness to "just do it" when you saw the need. Your positive energy is contagious and will change attitudes and the lives of youngsters hungry for learning. I just wanted, had to, tell you and encourage you as to what an incredible gift you are to this community. Go forth my dear as you are changing lives for the better. Thank you my amazing friend. Have a super day! 

- Marge  Gibson, Founder and Executive Director, Raptor Education Group Inc.

  I remember sitting in freshman year geometry, feeling overwhelmed as my teacher rattled off theorems and formulas. We all know this feeling, that deep bubbling anxiety that starts in our gut and progresses its way to the back of our throat. For some it was heights. For me, it was math class. Though hesitant at first, I finally agreed to see a tutor. To my pleasant surprise, Shanthi changed my perspective and attitude towards math. She broke down the problems in a way I could understand, and her endless patient and caring attitude allowed me to see things more clearly. Math was not so scary anymore!
        Tutor aside, Shanthi proves to be a great and valuable role model to have. Whether you are discussing formulas or any other life frustrations, Shanthi’s level headed and calming nature is infectious. I am thankful to call her not only my past tutor, but also my friend. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in finding math help.

- Mia Davis, former student

“Math is hard!” For those old enough to remember, this phrase got the makers of Barbie is a whole lot of hot water (rightfully). It’s also a refrain used in many classrooms. My daughter studied high school math with Shanthi Mojumder. She is a rare breed of teacher that understands the roots of learning are vitally important and in need of tending. Some of those roots are confidence, kindness, curiosity, and passion to know something – to really know something. By the time you get through middle school, some of those roots have taken a real knock. Studying with Ms. Mojumder, my daughter’s confidence blossomed as she found true joy in solving a “really hard” problem. In addition to being a wonderful teacher, Ms. Mojumder, is a great role model. Women are historically under represented in the STEM fields and Ms. Mojumder spent years in the fields. Going back to classroom, sharing her passion and experience, she opens a world of new possibilities to young people, especially girls. Ms. Mojumder showed a passion and commitment to learning that extended beyond school hours. She was available to help students before and after class. She organized test prep workshops for students during the breaks – on her own and without school support. She showed with her actions and compassion how invested she was in her students. Thanks to her help my daughter took college prep tests with a level of confidence that assured her success. These are just a few of the reasons that I am thrilled. Ms. Mojumder has taken her commitment to education to the next level and started a school that focuses on the individual student and builds a strong foundation for life-long learning. With appreciation
– always Ellen Efsic,  parent of former student and life-long fan